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Tennessee Children's Home Fund
Tennessee Orphans Home was incorporated in Tennessee on September 14, 1909, for the purpose of “supporting and educating orphan children regardless of sect, creed or denomination.” In April 1947, TOH received not-for-profit 501(c)(3) recognition by the Internal Revenue Service. Since 1909 it has served over 20,000 children, youth and families. In September 1982, the name was changed to Tennessee Children’s Home. In 2000 Tennessee Children’s Home merged with Happy Hills Youth Ranch, now renamed Tennessee Children’s Home- North Central. Its mission is to serve abused, neglected, abandoned, wayward, or orphaned children and youth as well as their families, in a Christian manner. They provide for the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and educational needs of children and youth in a safe and secure environment. This Fund will produce revenue to support important services to children and youth.
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